Improve Business

Customer service is just as important as great food.  If your team does not work to improve service, your amazing food will simply go to waste.

Pizza Marketing

Tasty food, even better service

Ensuring your customer service levels for both in store and delivery options remain high is critical for the success of your business. In 2018, it's not just about how good your food quality is, it's about the whole experience. This is especially true for businesses relying on or targeting millennial customers, especially in urban areas.
Jeff Lindstrom

Proper Hiring

It can be argued customer service starts with hiring the right person.  Even a sever who maybe has little to no experience might be the right fit.  Do they have good eye contact?  Is there a smile on their face? Do they seem eager and determined?  These traits are hard to train, so looking for new hires that possess them is half the battle.

Proper Training

Giving proper training for your existing and new staff members is the first step in bettering service. Your set the standards for your business; now make sure everyone is on the same page.

Recognize Performance

Get a customer compliment?  See an employee who is consistently performing at a high level?  Take the time to recognize them in front of their peers.  Remember – praise in public, correct in private.

Increase Sales with Service

Make sure to have staff to suggestive sell.  What are the best way to do this? Suggest appetizers, wine and beer, and desserts.

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